Greetings good visitors ! Here's just for you a demo of what I've done recently.
Let's say it : a realistic hand ! Yeah, that's so cool.
Here it is! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the Ford F1 :
Hey there! Here's my magnifiscent last project : a Ford F1.

I have nearly finished the modelization, I post here a preview so that you will be able to wait until I finish it.
So, I'm sure that a lot of people wondered, what am I doing now?

Well, let me satisfy your curiosity.
For now I am looking for work, and in the meantime I help the Dead State team by creating some props for their game.

More info soon!
Welcome to my blog, it was made with much love and care!

Okay, okay, I just had to press one button to create it.


    I'm Alexis Koch, 3D graphics designer.
    I am a graduate from Supinfocom Valenciennes,
    and this is my artbook


    Avril 2012
    Octobre 2011